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Real Estate Litigation


If your company is involved in a real estate law dispute, the veteran team at AnchorsGordon can help.

Real estate law governs who may own and use the land and the buildings, structures, plants, and other items attached to it. We’ve been helping businesses in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and the surrounding counties settle these types of property disputes for many years.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes

When it comes to navigating complex commercial real estate laws, some of the many issues we handle are rights and interests in real estate and property; the sale, purchase, and transfer of property; commercial rental agreements and landlord issues; title issues; settlement of claims against property owners; zoning, land use, and development questions; agricultural issues; and more. Our legal team also take on cases involving questions of rights to the air above the land and rights to drill on the property. Our extensive experience in commercial litigation disputes has given us the expertise and know-how to fight for your company’s rights.

Residential Real Estate Disputes

In addition to commercial disputes, we also help homeowners and renters solve their residential real estate disputes. If you are dealing with questions of tenants’ or renters’ rights versus homeowners’ rights, homeowners association issues, or some other tenant versus landlord issue, we’ll step in to fight for what’s right. We also help homeowners with loan and foreclosure problems and title issues, and we help them navigate the complex process of selling, purchasing, or transferring private real estate.

Real estate law is a complex practice area further complicated by inconsistent laws in different cities and states. The experienced attorneys at AnchorsGordon have a deep understanding of the laws in Northwest Florida. Learn more about our past cases or contact us today and let us fight for your rights!