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Government Affairs & Public Records


With decades of experience, AnchorsGordon has built key relationships throughout state and local government.

Businesses big and small are impacted by decisions that are made in the halls of state and local government. The AnchorsGordon team has broad experience working with and within state, county, and city governments — experience which allows us to guide our clients through often complex bureaucracies in order to achieve their legislative and regulatory goals.

The strategic counsel provided by our government affairs practice includes:

  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy through strong relationships between clients and elected officials, executive branch leadership and key legislative staff

  • A thorough and detailed knowledge of public policy and process

  • Strategic coalition building to support or oppose issues

  • Effective navigation of the regulatory bureaucracy within a variety of state agencies and local government

  • Innovative solutions to complex compliance issues

  • Competent guidance relating to state procurement opportunities and securing state funding for projects and programs

Florida has one of the most broad and citizen-friendly public records laws in the nation. Generally speaking, any document or communication made or received in connection with official government business — whether physical or electronic — is a public record in Florida, and citizens have the right to inspect or receive a copy of those records.

Over the years, documents obtained through public records requests have determined the outcome of many court cases and have triggered a number of governmental and political scandals. As a result, government agencies have sometimes hesitated to release records despite their legal obligation.

Florida’s public records law is also one of the nation’s most complex, with more than 1,000 individual exemptions and decades of case law interpreting the statute. AnchorsGordon attorneys are well-prepared to assist clients in compelling government agencies and associations to produce public records as required by law.