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Complex Business & Commercial Litigation

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Businesses of all types frequently encounter disputes that can lead to litigation.

Our attorneys represent a broad spectrum of businesses and individuals in commercial litigation involving real estate and contracts, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and unfair competition matters, as well as corporate, partnership and shareholder disputes. We also work closely as local counsel with law firms from throughout the state and country. We use our litigation insight and experience to identify and guard against potential liability triggers.

When your company is in need of experienced business dispute attorneys, contact the lawyers at AnchorsGordon. Business disputes typically arise when companies disagree over the terms of a contract they’ve entered or face billing issues or other disagreements. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to protect the interests of your company.

Contract Disputes

Business contracts are designed to prevent lawsuits and disputes from happening, but that doesn’t mean they’re always effective. Businesses often end up fighting in court, with each side claiming the other hasn’t upheld its terms of the agreement. We’ll review the contract and work with the opposing party’s legal counsel to come up with a solution that allows all parties involved to move forward.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes

One of the most common types of commercial litigation involves real estate disputes, which often arise when there is a question of who owns or can use a piece of land and the buildings, plants, and other items attached to it. We also help businesses resolve disputes involving the sale, purchase, or transfer of real estate property; land use, development, and zoning issues; commercial rental agreements; and more. We’ll fight for what’s right for your company, doing our best to find a creative solution that satisfies all parties.